The Club is pleased to offer a range of Club Merchandise and Supporter’s Gear. These are sourced through our supplier of playing shirts and caps, and are based around the style adopted in our playing shirts and the Club logo and colours.

This range can be ordered at your cost through the Club who will arrange an aggregated booking. There are minimum orders that need to be placed with our supplier – if we do not reach these limits (indicated in the below) for a particular item we will not proceed with the order and any monies received will be refunded.

Submission of an order form to the Club authorises the Club to place orders with the supplier on your behalf. Once orders are placed with the supplier by the Club (which can be done at any stage after receiving this order form), you understand your obligation to meet the Total Amount Payable and shall pay the Club such amount upon request by the Club.

It is understood that (i) the Club shall be entitled to set order deadlines by which all orders across the club must be received – late orders may not be processed and the Club is not obligated to process or fill such orders (ii) all orders remain subject to minimum order amounts (in aggregate across Club and as set by the Club’s supplier) being received by the Club by any order deadline and should any minumum order amount in respect to any merchandise item not be received by the Club by any order deadline then the Club may not proceed to place, and is not obligated to meet or fill, such orders (iii) all orders remain subject to stock availability with the Club’s supplier – if any order or individual merchandise item is unavailable, is offered in a different style or is different than advertised by the Club, the Club shall endeavour to offer a suitable replacement (subject to it being adopted as an official Club merchandise article by the Committee) but shall not be obligated to fill such order or arrange supply of such item and shall not be liable for same

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